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Our Story

There is no difference between what we sell and what we eat.

We are a family operated meat market in the heart of Queens, offering raw organic, antibiotic free, meats, poultry, lamb, and heritage pork. We are not your father’s butcher!!! Come in and meet our butcher, who’s a practicing vegan. Yes, we know it’s ironic, but that’s how we roll. He perfectly slices and dices and presents the cuts as if they were delicate sashimi. Come in and you’ll know what I mean.

But wait there’s more, Fran cooks the meats right off of the shelf. She changes the menu daily based on her moods (and we know she can get moody) but she’s a ball of energy and lots of fun. So there is no menu it changes daily. So you can come in and get homemade hot meals that are healthy, fresh, and natural. Fran’s dad is in the kitchen too, whipping up fresh marinara sauce and pesto. And yes of course he uses the fresh herbs he’s growing in the back.

Let’s not forget Will who’s really unforgettable. He will greet you at the register and probably tell you some antidote or awkward joke that will catch you off guard. But don’t worry you’ll get used to all of us. We are a crazy fun bunch.

Our Ethos

There’s no difference between what we sell and what we eat.

We use the finest, natural ingredients for the prepared food. Soup bases are made from fresh stocks, meatballs are hand rolled. We cook fresh everyday.

When you enter our store, you are family. Welcome to our home.


Want to join our ever expanding family? We are always looking for high energy, team playing, outgoing members. Lots of chances to learn and be part of a great team.

Contact us for more info! Email: or call 718-358-1800.

FAQ Corner

When was the food prepared? 

It’s fresh every day!!!

It’s 9am, where’s the hot food? 

We start cooking at 9am, food is fresh daily, it needs time to cook fully. I can’t help if you have the munchies.

Can I have salad dressing? 

Fran only dresses salads in olive oil and apple cider vinegar. No bottled dressing!!! She likes you to taste the fresh greens.


Is there thickener in the soups? 

No, Fran purees beans or natural ingredients as her thickener.

Can I have grass fed chicken? 

No!!! Chickens don’t eat grass. They are omnivores. 

Why are Fran’s chicken pot pies so delicious? 

She makes homemade chicken broth from our antibiotic free chicken bones and shreds our rotisserie chicken.


When will Fran have cooking demos? 

She’s put some videos on Facebook.

Will you open another store? 

We are working on it.

Wait, you are a couple? 

Believe it or not, Fran and Will have been together for 25 years and have two kids.